Arrow Most Memorable Season 5 Finale Moments & Theories Season 6

It’s been a week since the Arrow season 5 finale and we had plenty of time to let it all sink in. Right? Who am I kidding, we need answers stat! Is team Arrow (Oliver not included) dead? Did Malcolm Merlyn really die? What’s next in store for the show? I decided to ask my questions to the creator himself, Marc Guggenheim. Of course, he did not respond. (He probably gets thousands of questions every day). Thus, I present to you my own answers to our questions and not forget to mention instead of recapping the (awesome) season finale entirely, I will discuss the, in my opinion, most memorable moments of the season finale too.

The most memorable moments

It being set in Lian Yu

lian yu.png

Lian Yu brings Oliver back to where it all started. The flashbacks of the ‘five years in hell’ ended in this episode with Oliver trying to get off the island and succeeding. In the season finale, Oliver comes to the island instead of trying to leave it and the flashbacks left us on a good note, while our present left us in despair. The two felt so connected this episode and when Chase committed suicide and thus blew up the entire island it was like the writers really wanted us to know that Lian Yu is now behind us.

Slade Wilson’s return

lian yu.png

Season two was one of my favourite seasons, so having Slade back, even for a little while, is a gift. The Oliver – Slade dynamic is still there and together they form a great team (when there’s no Mirakuru involved). It took some real courage to let Slade out of his cell, but he stayed true to his word. Twice, he managed to trick team Prometheus into, supposedly, siding with them. He redeemed himself in this episode and was the missing link to stopping Chase. I can’t bear with the idea of him being dead after everything he has done to save the people Oliver loves, so he better be alive when I tune back in this fall.

“Assumption is the mother of all failure” – Slade Wilson

Chase’s suicide


I think we can all agree that Arrow had a really strong villain this season. Since Oliver wasn’t going to kill him no matter what, he gave him a choice: choose William, his son, or team Arrow. Oliver “chose” his son, and thus Chase committed suicide which led to the bombs going off. Chase always had a plan for everything and triggering the “dead man switch” by committing suicide was the only option left to make Oliver really pay for killing his father in cold blood. Josh is a badass actor and will certainly be missed in the Arrow universe. Who could possibly ‘replace’ him as our next villain (or villains)? Talia? Evelyn? I think it has to be someone who can top Prometheus, which is definitely a challenge. Since everything concerning the ‘five years in hell’ is now told with flashbacks, I think the next villain needs to be someone from outside of those five years.

Malcolm Merlyn sacrificing himself


When Thea stepped on a landmine my heart skipped a beat. My hopes were on Felicity or Curtis to disable this thing, but when Malcolm said it couldn’t, I prepared myself for the worst. Malcolm told Thea he wanted to take her place, but she declined. This scene gave us a father-daughter feeling we hadn’t experienced with these two before. It was a really brave thing to do to push Thea off and to take her place. When the landmine exploded, I hoped Malcolm had escaped somehow and that he’d magically appear in season 6 like he normally does, but as we know by now, that will not be the case. (More about this below.)

“You may not think of me as your father, Thea, but you’ll always be my daughter.”

Honourable mentions:

  • Black Siren entirely
  • Oliver’s father instinct
  • Nyssa helping team Arrow
  • Olicity kiss


Season 6 Intel & Theories

So, who will return and who will not? Of course, the Green Arrow himself Stephen Amell will, but what about the others? Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake) and Rick Gonzalez (Rene Ramirez) are confirmed to be regulars next season, so is Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance/Black Canary). It’s not likely Adrian Chase/Prometheus (Josh Segarra) returns next season, since he is no longer with us. He might’ve been a supervillain, but damn, he was good. Josh will be missed.

It is confirmed that John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) won’t return either ​next season as he stated this earlier this week on Instagram:

Maybe he returns someday as Malcolm Merlyn from Earth-2, we can only just hope.

Speaking of Earth-2, will Laurel/Black Siren get redemption? She might join team Arrow, but it’d feel a bit like replacing our Laurel with, literally, another Laurel. If she does, how will Dinah take it? She wouldn’t be the only Siren in the house anymore. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to have Katie back with a character the writers and herself can do so much with. I’d love to see more of her background story and to experience what she went through and why she became “evil”.


Another person I’d love to see next season is Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). I could see his story going somewhere as a good guy turned bad turned good again. How did he experience the last couple of years locked up in prison at Lian Yu? (Probably not so great as the only person you could talk to was Boomerang). Slade said he remembered everything from when he was on the Mirakuru. Oliver did inject him with the Mirakuru to save his life, so technically it wasn’t his fault that he went crazy (I’m not trying to justify everything he did, heck, he killed Oliver’s mother). Maybe that is why was so incredibly loyal to Oliver in the season finale. Without him, Oliver might not have saved everyone (if they didn’t die by the bombs). He really made a difference. He could also make a difference next season. Just keep the Mirakuru away from him.

Oliver’s mentor Talia Al Ghul (Lexa Doig) should also appear next season. It would make complete sense if she survived, only due to her survival skills alone. The grudge she has against Olivier for killing her father could go so much further. She also blames him for the death of one of her students, Yao Fei Gulong, who later mentored Oliver. Which is unfair, he even avenged him afterwards by killing the man who shot Yao. Nonetheless, it’d be a really good storyline which could cause some real more trouble than it already has done! The real question is: did Evelyn and Talia know about the bombs on Lian Yu? If they did, the possibility of their survival is much bigger.

Speaking of Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin), also a member of team Chase, is someone I wouldn’t like to see back next season. The actress is great, the character isn’t. She used to be a vigilante to keep the bad off the street because our team Arrow did “a sucky job”. Back then, she seemed so cool. What bothers me most is that she suddenly switched sides and undid everything good she had done by doing bad and betraying everyone of team Arrow in the process by siding with Prometheus/Chase.

Some backstory: Evelyn blames Oliver for the death of her parents. She and her parents were held captive by Damien Dahrk (!) in Tevat Noah, the underground H.I.V.E. facility to protect people from the global nuclear attack Damien Darhk (!) had planned. No, it’s Oliver’s fault, because he didn’t do enough to save them. Malcolm Merlyn destroyed the facility along with her parents in it. Again, not Oliver. We all witnessed it, he did as much as he could. Sometimes there are decisions to be made and it’s okay for her to hold a grudge but I don’t get why she’s not even willing to hear him out or to you know, blame it on the real villain Dahrk? Then again, it’s much harder to hold a grudge against a dead man.

You might think now why I don’t think the same about Chase. It’s because Oliver actually did kill Chase’s father in cold blood. Even if the man was no good, the list was not the right way to get justice.

Last but certainly not least, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Quentin Lance and Curtis HoltI think it’s likely we see Diggle and Felicity back, since they are OTA, and I hope we haven’t seen the last from Lance either.

This basically leaves with me hoping pretty much no one actually died, but I’m afraid that’s not the case. It wouldn’t give the show much credibility. We’ll just have to sit tight and wait till Arrow comes back on this fall to find out.

So, what’d you think of the season finale and what do you expect for next season?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment! (It does not require your email)


Arrow is back in the fall, but is moving timeslots. Season 6 will air after Supernatural on Thursday at 9 p.m. instead of Wednesday at 8 p.m


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