The 100 Season 5 Theories: 2199 days and counting

The season 4 finale of the 100 had me sobbing for longer than acceptable. (It’s been hardly 3 days, okay!). Plenty of time to figure out what the hell happened the last couple of minutes. Too bad we’ll probably have to wait for, give or take, a year to find out what actually happened in those 2199 days (or 6 years and 7 days). So, I present to you some of the theories I’ve come up with for season 5.

Starting off, Clarke is shown to have survived (!) Praimfaya II. I almost died myself seeing her all irradiated laying on the floor in Becca’s lab. She made herself a true hero by saving the ones she loves, even if she did things wrong in the past.

Anyways, since the lab is underground, the radiation is less than on the surface. As Clark is a Nightblood, she would’ve been able to handle the radiation on a fair level. She was irradiated, but like Luna once did, she obviously recovered. The lab itself must’ve stayed fairly intact as well for her to survive..


Seeing her contacting Bellamy, gave me major feels. At the same time I wondered, why is she contacting Bellamy? This must mean he’s still in space, I thought. Then she spilled the beans:  it’s 2199 days (or 6 years and 7 days) since Praimfaya.

So, Bellamy and co are still in space, but why haven’t they come down yet?

“It’s been safe for you to come down for over a year now, why haven’t you?” – Clarke

It might be because they couldn’t find a way to go back to earth yet for whatever reason. But when a dropship landed on earth, called Gagarin Prisoner Transport by the Eligius Corporation, I thought it was a possibility it carried not only prisoners, but also our favourite characters..

I remember Jackson telling Abby that Becca developed Nightblood for the Eligius Corporation. Could it be that they knew Praimfaya II was awaited a long time before Skaikru even got to the ground and thus the reason why they’ve only come down now? There must be a reason why they chose to come down 6 years and 7 days after Praimfaya II.

Something that had me thinking too is the name of the dropship: Garagin Prisoner Transport. Like, Joeri Gagarin? The first human to journey into outer space?


I tried to find a link between the Eligius Corporation and the Gagarin Prisoner transport, but Eligius is a Saint and Gagarin is a cosmonaut. So I decided to consult the internet. (Not that it’s the most reliable source ever, but it’ll do.)

There is a legend which might explain the name of the corporation.  (!) There supposedly was a horse, reluctant to be shod. Saint Eligius thought the horse was possessed by demons, so he saw no other option than to cut off its foreleg (the poor animal). After he did so, the Saint re-shod the hoof on the amputated leg and after that re-attached the leg to the horse. We know about Polaris, or the 13th station, and that it was owned by Becca’s company. It was supposedly destroyed by Alpha Station on Unity Day so that the other stations could unite.

Crazy theory: Polaris (or a part from it) wasn’t destroyed after all. Maybe the calculations from A.L.I.E. and Raven were wrong and Polaris isn’t in the sea after all. This is just speculation, I know. But maybe they called themselves the Eligius corporation, because they were “amputated” from the stations and later re-attached to something else: a station somehow connected to Gagarin. I can’t seem to find a link between the two otherwise.

The dropship does give you major season 1 feels. It’s like, as Rothenberg said in an interview with IGN, the tables have turned. Clarke is now a grounder instead and there’s a new Skaikru and – possibly – a new “the 100”. We all know they’ll be antagonists, but maybe they’re just like the 100 once were themselves: prisoners, sent down to the ground wanting to survive.  At least one thing is for sure: the Eligius Corporation will play a big role in season 5.


Anyways, back to Clarke. Before the dropship landed, she mentioned that they’ve been trying to get the people from the bunker out, but  that there was too much rubble. Who is they, I thought. Not much later we see Madi, a girl (see picture above, the girl next to Clarke). I read that they’ve been together for a number of years, as stated by Rothenberg in the interview by IGN. Is she a potential new main character or do we have to fear for her life (since that’s always a possibility)? If she’s a Nightblood and survived, others must’ve too. Maybe there’s an entire camp with Nightbloods!

Now let’s talk about the people in the bunker. They are, as I said, trapped underground. We didn’t see how it ended with them in the season finale after the rattling in the bunker, but I’m sure they are still alive. The 100 wouldn’t be the same without Octavia and she’s survived worse. I think Clarke will somehow get them out eventually..

I read many questions about how Clarke’s got the rover, the rifles and the tech. I think, since it is sci-fi, everything needs to be taken as it is for the sake of the show. Maybe Clarke got the rover from Mount Weather or Arkadia. Skaikru probably took all the rovers from Mount Weather so that’s probably not it, but Arkadia might’ve survived Praimfaya, even if it wasn’t fully nuclear-proof anymore. Maybe it withheld enough for the rover and the tech to survive.

I only have one simple explanation for the rifles: remember when Clarke and Bellamy were sent on a mission to get supplies in season 1? They found guns in the depot and it was basically confirmed that it had withstand the first bombs. She could’ve gone back and gotten more rifles. Maybe they didn’t get them all in season 1. How cool would it be if she did that though?


Last but not least, people are in conflict with Roan’s death. Personally, I think he is dead. He would’ve made an appearance before the ending of season 4 if he wasn’t. I don’t think after fake-drowning, he’d run away from the conclave. I just don’t see him doing that.

So, let’s just hope we get all the answers we want (and need) to our questions next season. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments!

May we meet again,


Update: Tasya Teles who plays Echo will be a regular in season 5! (Confirmed)


7 thoughts on “The 100 Season 5 Theories: 2199 days and counting

  1. LiorTV says:

    I liked your theory about the Eligius ship and Polaris.
    In one of his interviews, Rothenberg said he hid some clues with details about Eligius, and people found out an article in Raven’s computer in one of the episodes. In this article from before Praimfaya I, it says that the connection was lost with a prisoners ship that was sent to harvest asteroids. It could indeed be connected to Polaris joining them at some point, which explains their return just now.
    Just like you, I couldn’t stop thinking about The 100 finale for 2 complete days after watching it. It was awesome and intense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amelia says:

    I see Roan coming back!! I mean Zach.. to play another character maybe related to Roan and maybe among the prisoners. At least its the only explanation I have for his silence after the death of Roan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Celine says:

    It would be so cool if there actually is a new set of 100 prisoners! They already got back to the name of the show in this season by allowing a hundred persons per clan in the bunker, but actually having a new ‘the 100’, sounds amazing. I really can’t wait until season 5 starts and I loved reading your speculations!

    Liked by 1 person

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